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  • Celebrating in Madeira

    Celebrating in Madeira

    Kathrin and I had two good reasons to take a trip somewhere during the middle of September, our anniversary on the 19th and my birthday on the 20th. We had considered several destinations–Austin, where we have family, quite a few of whom have birthdays in September; a cruise along the Croatian coast; touring through England’s northeast…

  • A Wonderful Week of Summer in Skiathos

    A Wonderful Week of Summer in Skiathos

    Kathrin and I wanted to spend a relaxing week somewhere new. We considered two destinations–Ireland or a Greek island. Since our main goal was to go someplace warm, the question became, where are Condor’s destinations in Greece? A colleague and friend of Kathrin’s recommended Skiathos, a quiet, genuinely Greek island that isn’t overrun by tourists.…

  • Mauritius Wedding

    Mauritius Wedding

    There is no better place to elope to than Mauritius. This is by far the most romantic place I have visited.

  • Our  Malta Vacation, A Journey in History

    Our Malta Vacation, A Journey in History

    Mysterious Malta I have always had this mysterious idea about Malta. An island in the Mediterranean Sea, a gateway between Europe and Africa, home to secretive knightly orders, Knights Templar, the Order of St. John. I discovered that Malta has all that and more to offer.  Day 1, Exploring the Neighborhood:  Today we had a…