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About Me…

Hi there and thanks for taking the time to visit my blog.  This is not your typical travel blog. I don’t offer travel guides with affiliate links, advertisements, or any other commercial activities. My site is simply a venue for me to tell stories about my travels.

Sure, I mention a good hotel we stayed in, and I’ll probably add a link to their website. But the hotel isn’t aware of it and I don’t get anything for it. Its just my opinion, and I offer the link in case my story has sparked your interest.

I also don’t mention the “Best XX things to do in XX for 2024” or any other Google SEO motivated content. I’ll tell you what I did, the good things and the mistakes, what we liked and didn’t like. You can take it or leave it.

Latest Journeys

  • Our Kocher Jagst Bike Tour

    Our Kocher Jagst Bike Tour

    For our summer 2023 bike tour, we spent 8 days riding along the Kocher and Jagst rivers in Germany. The region offered generous servings of German culture, architecture, and history punctuated with covered bridges, centuries old Monasteries, and medieval towns. This time, though, rather than write about it, I made a video. I hope you…

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  • A Birthday Trip to Mombasa

    A Birthday Trip to Mombasa

    Kathrin wanted to do something special for her birthday in 2023. She decided on a trip to Mombasa with a relaxing phase in the Severin Sea Lodge and an adventure phase in the Tsavo East National Park.

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  • Over Hill and (Yorkshire) Dale

    Over Hill and (Yorkshire) Dale

    My brother and I have this tradition. We come to England and visit him and his wife, then they move. Sometime later we will visit them at their new place, and shortly afterwards they will move again.  It’s like they are in the witness protection program. Recently, however, they broke with tradition, for they have scheduled…

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