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Hi there and thanks for taking the time to visit my blog.  This is not your typical travel blog. I don’t offer travel guides with affiliate links, advertisements, or any other commercial activities. My site is simply a venue for me to tell stories about my travels.

Sure, I mention a good hotel we stayed in, and I’ll probably add a link to their website. But the hotel isn’t aware of it and I don’t get anything for it. Its just my opinion, and I offer the link in case my story has sparked your interest.

I also don’t mention the “Best XX things to do in XX for 2022” or any other Google SEO motivated content. I’ll tell you what I did, the good things and the mistakes, what we liked and didn’t like. You can take it or leave it.

Latest Journeys

  • Biking Behind the Iron Curtain

    Biking Behind the Iron Curtain

    A Locomotive Adventure For this summer’s bike trip, we decided to take a train to the start point, and back from the endpoint. Doing so with a bicycle is challenging. The fastest trains, ICE, have very limited spaces, if at all. All our attempts at reserving a slot failed. That left us with using regional […]

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  • Conclusions of Our Caravan Adventure

    Conclusions of Our Caravan Adventure

    This vacation was a learning adventure.  Now let me tell you about the other side of the vacation – living in a caravan for a week. We deliberately chose different levels of parking lots and campsites in order to get the full experience.  At the low end was Eisenach, where we stayed in a lonely, […]

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  • Following the footsteps of Bach, Luther and Goethe by Caravan

    Following the footsteps of Bach, Luther and Goethe by Caravan

    We decided to try a new type of traveling – caravanning. It’s a popular way to get around and we wanted so see if it was for us.

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