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  • Celebrating in Madeira

    Celebrating in Madeira

    Kathrin and I had two good reasons to take a trip somewhere during the middle of September, our anniversary on the 19th and my birthday on the 20th. We had considered several destinations–Austin, where we have family, quite a few of whom have birthdays in September; a cruise along the Croatian coast; touring through England’s northeast…

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  • Mountain Hiking in the Dolomites

    Mountain Hiking in the Dolomites

    Close to two years ago, Leon and I planned on hiking the Alta Via 1 in Italy’s beautiful Dolomites mountains. Our original date was September 2021. As part of our preparation, we went on a hike in the Taunus mountains, a small “mountain” range (more accurately foothills) just north of Frankfurt. During that training hike…

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  • Conclusions of Our Caravan Adventure

    Conclusions of Our Caravan Adventure

    This vacation was a learning adventure.  Now let me tell you about the other side of the vacation – living in a caravan for a week. We deliberately chose different levels of parking lots and campsites in order to get the full experience.  At the low end was Eisenach, where we stayed in a lonely,…

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  • Following the footsteps of Bach, Luther and Goethe by Caravan

    Following the footsteps of Bach, Luther and Goethe by Caravan

    We decided to try a new type of traveling – caravanning. It’s a popular way to get around and we wanted so see if it was for us.

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  • 10 Days in Morocco

    10 Days in Morocco

    Introduction For our spring vacation, we decided to go to Morocco. The allure of the desert, the exotic cultural history, the souks, and the food were very tempting. We focused our route on the historical cities and 1 stop in the desert. Morocco’s capital has changed over time. Fes, Meknes (briefly), and Marrakesh have been…

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