A Forest Photoshoot: Frankfurt’s Stadtwald

During these Coronavirus days, our travel has been understandably brought to a standstill. That doesn’t mean, however, that there are no photographic opportunities.  A couple of weeks ago Kathrin wanted to do some geocaching in Frankfurt’s city forest. The route took us past many scenic lakes and ponds,. I vowed to come back with my camera. It took some time to find an empty spot in my calendar (sounds ironic these days that I had to hunt for some downtime!). After a couple of weeks, I finally found the time and made my first trip. This was mostly a scouting trip. I found good spots for evening shots around several lakes. The sky was mostly overcast so the environment wasn’t as I would have liked it for the lake shots, but I will come back for that.

I did still find some eye-catching scenes as I was riding from lake to lake. The “intimate portrait” of nature makes for a good subject even in less than ideal lighting conditions or boring skies.

I will definitely be coming back here for more photos, so you can expect to see more from this location!

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